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  • Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2) at a temperature of -109.3°F (-78°C).
  • Dry ice is especially useful for freezing and keeping things frozen or chilled because of its very cold temperature.
  • At normal atmospheric pressure, dry ice sublimates or evaporates directly into carbon dioxide gas which is then sequestered back into the atmosphere without going through a liquid stage.
  • Dry ice has several times the cooling capacity of normal ice without the melting, water or mess.

How Dry Ice Can Help You

  • Carbonic International has developed the Dry Ice system to harness dry-ice's unique properties for your cold chain assurance solutions.
  • This system offers you custom packaging, transportation services and tracking systems along with Carbonic International's expertise to achieve maximum product preservation down the line.
  • Your product deterioration and losses are minimized by using Carbonic International's Dry Ice, the hassle free environment-friendly food grade refrigeration system.


Dry ice Pellets ± 16 mm/carbonicdryice-uae-dubai-dryice

Pellets ± 16 mm

Dry Ice Pellets Large - 16 mm: 5-40kg EPS boxes or 240 kg PU containers

Dry ice Pellets ± 3.0 mm/carbonicdryice-uae-dubai-dryice

Pellets ± 3.0 mm

Dry Ice Pellets Small - 3.0 mm: In 5-40kg EPS Boxes or 240 Kg PU Containers

Dry ice Slices / Blocks

Slices / Blocks

Dry Ice Slices / Blocks: 10 sizes of thickness between 20-60 mm - in 20/40kg EPS boxes or 240 kg PU containers

Dry Ice- Application

  • Carbonic Dry Ice Protects your foodstuff after shopping by preserving from microbes. Adding dry ice to wet ice can increase its shelf life by up-to 24 hours
  • Is used in meat plants to inhibit the buildup of heat. E.g. hamburger mince.
  • Sublimates into CO2 which is an inert gas and postpones bacteria & salmonella development in perishables to increase shelf life
  • Used in bakeries in combination with flour to keep the temperature low & activates the yeast at the right time minus the shortcomings of wet ice.
  • Absorbs ammonia in refrigeration system leakages.
Dry ice application/carbonicdryice-uae-dubai-dryice
Dry ice application/carbonicdryice-uae-dubai-dryice
  • To cool down gases in cylinders to delay the gush of escaping gas.
  • To make "fog" in the film and theatre industry.
  • Carbonic International Dry ice is used to shrink fit metals
  • Labs use dry ice from Carbonic International to transport of important items.
  • Blood banks use dry ice for temperature control during transportation
  • Airline caterers use Carbonic International Dry Ice in Dubai and UAE
  • Is used in the pharmaceuticals, rubber, plastic, and chemical industry.
  • Used by dermatologists
  • Carbonic International Dry ice is often used to pack ice cream and groceries
  • The concrete industry uses dry ice in hot weather to steady the temperature of the mix
  • Pack your fish, eggs, vegetables, yogurt, chocolates and meat with dry ice
  • Tanks in the oil & gas Industry are purged using dry ice from the blanket of inert atmosphere created from the sublimed C02 gas.
  • Dry ice is used for special effects for parties and by bars and restaurants
  • Can be used to create a fog effect by throwing into a swimming pool or Jacuzzi
Dry ice application/carbonicdryice-uae-dubai-dryice


Since dry ice reaches extreme low temperatures, it is vital to obey strict handling, storage and transportation safety precautions even though it is safe to use.

Handling, Storage & Transportation

Prior to using dry ice, consumers should be mindful of the properties and potential hazards and should never consume or touch the product with bare skin. Appropriate precautions must be taken and practices to watch against incidents and take swift action in the event of an emergency.


  • Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2).
  • Dry ice appears as a translucent white solid which at normal temperatures sublimes from the solid state directly into a gas without passing through a liquid phase.
  • Dry ice is a non flammable asphyxiant (see below).
  • Dry ice emits a colourless gas with a slightly pungent odour which is only detectable in high concentrations.


  • Asphyxiant – in high concentrations sublimed vapour may cause asphyxiation. 10kg of dry ice sublimes into approximately 5.4m³ of carbon dioxide gas.
  • Extreme cold – the temperature of dry ice is -78°C; contact with product can cause cold burns or frostbite.
Dry ice application/carbonicdryice-uae-dubai-dryice Dry ice application/carbonicdryice-uae-dubai-dryice Dry ice application/carbonicdryice-uae-dubai-dryice

Important Safety Information

  • Risk assessment: Know and understand the properties of dry ice. Before using dry ice in any area, establish the risks involved. Be sure to take into account the potential for the creation of atmospheres with a high concentration of carbon dioxide near the ground.
  • Handling: DO NOT handle dry ice with bare hands. It can cause severe cold burns and frostbite. Only experienced and properly instructed people should handle dry ice.
    Never play games with dry ice – and keep children and pets away.
    Always wear eye protection and heavy insulated gloves suitable for the extreme cold temperature (-78°C) of dry ice.

Safe Storage

In certain conditions dry ice sublimes from its current state into carbon dioxide which carries a danger of asphyxiation.

These conditions can include changes in the ambient temperature and humidity, the quality of the storage container, even the number of times the container is opened and closed.

The better the insulation, the slower the sublimation rate and the longer the quality of the dry ice product will be maintained.

  • ALWAYS store dry ice in a properly designed container.
  • ALWAYS keep the container lid closed when not in use.
  • Labelling: DO NOT remove or deface any product labels.
  • ALWAYS secure the container lid open before reaching in to unload the product. Avoid leaning into the container for longer than necessary.
  • DO NOT store dry ice in any gas tight container. Within large containers, gas atmospheres will have built up.
  • DO NOT expose dry ice to high ambient temperatures unnecessarily as this increases the sublimation rate.
  • DO NOT store in cellars or unventilated rooms.
  • ALWAYS Ensure adequate low level ventilation wherever dry ice is stored.

Take Care When Carrying Packages Of Dry Ice.

  • Ventilation: Always seek professional advice on suitable ventilation and install carbon dioxide monitors to warn of problems.
  • Water on CO2 increases sublimation which can result in a corresponding higher risk of asphyxiation. Dispose of dry ice in a well ventilated area away from the public. Do not discharge into any place where its accumulation could be dangerous.
  • Labelling: DO NOT remove or deface any product labels.
  • Emergency procedures: Know what action to take in case of emergency – and ensure all handlers are aware of this.

Safe Transportation

  • AVOID transporting dry ice in the cab of a truck or the passenger compartment of a car. If this is not possible the load should be well insulated and adequate ventilation maintained.
  • IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, transport dry ice in vehicles where the driver's cab is isolated from the load compartment.
  • ALWAYS ensure there is adequate ventilation – during transportation and before entering the load compartment.
  • ALWAYS unload the product as soon as possible at the end of the journey and move it to a suitable storage location

Truck Image/carbonicdryice-uae-dubai-dryice
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